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Bitcoin in 2020 - soaring to its new All-Time High

The All-Time High record was $20K way back December of 2017. Fast forward to 2020, it's the month of December too. Bitcoin passed $20K and price reached the $23K-mark mid-December. And as if giving its HODLers the perfect Christmas gift, Bitcoin soared to as high as $25.5K right after December 25. As of the time of writing, bitcoin already tops to $27K, with a slight surge to $28K+ in one time.

One could recall, Bitcoin price came as low as $5,000 at the onset of Covid on March of this year. Anyone who had bought bitcoin at that time, has had his/her investment an easy 5x in less than a year!

Truly, time and again, Bitcoin has proven its status as store of value. There are some who repeatedly publicize "Bitcoin is dead" especially almost during the entirety of crypto-winter, in which not only the price of Bitcoin but of almost all other cryptocurrencies stalled. But now, it just keep rising up. surprising non-believers with this unprecedented recovery.

Just when we all thought we will be wrapping-up 2020 as among the worst years in human history, there is at least a positive note now - Bitcoin can recover, and not even a pandemic could ever stop it.

Note: For Bitcoin's price, we refer to Coindesk data here.

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